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Lead author publications:

Brown, J.K., A. Moulton, J.C. Zinnert. 2022. Plant community re-organization and increased productivity due to multi-year nutrient enrichment of a coastal grassland. PLOS One 17(7) DOI: PDF

Brown, J.K., J.C. Zinnert. 2021. Trait-based investigation reveals patterns of community response to nutrient enrichment in coastal mesic grassland. Diversity 13(1):19 DOI: PDF 

Brown, J.K., J.C. Zinnert. 2020. Topography and disturbance influence trait-based composition and productivity of adjacent habitats in a coastal system. Ecosphere 11(5) DOI: PDF

Brown, J.K., J.C. Zinnert. 2018. Mechanisms of surviving burial: Interspecific differences of similar species drives survival after sand deposition. Ecosphere 9(3) DOI: PDF

Brown, J.K., J.C. Zinnert, D.R. Young. 2018. Emergent interactions influence functional traits and success of dune building ecosystem engineers. Journal of Plant Ecology 11(4) DOI: *Editor’s Choice* PDF

Co-author publications:

Stallins, J.A., L. Hsu, J.C. Zinnert, J.K. Brown. 2020. How bottom-up and top-down controls shape dune topographic variability along the U.S. Virginia barrier island coast and the influence of dune dynamical properties. Journal of Coastal Conservation 24(30) DOI: 

Goldstein, E.B., E.V. Mullins, R.G. Biel, J.K. Brown, S.D. Hacker, K.R. Jay, R.S. Mostow, P. Ruggiero, J.C. Zinnert, L.J. Moore. 2018. Literature-based latitudinal distribution and possible range shifts of two US east coast dune grass species (Uniola paniculata and Ammophila breviligulata). PeerJ DOI: PDF

In Review:

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